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Dr. Nahas provides asthma treatment to children in Covington, Georgia, and the surrounding area. Children can rely on Covington Pediatrics for asthma diagnosis and ongoing care.

Asthma Q&A

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a common condition that often arises in childhood. It occurs when the lungs and airways are too sensitive to various irritants, such as pollen. This condition causes the child to experience many different symptoms, including chest pain, chest congestion, shortness of breath, wheezing, and intermittent coughing. The symptoms may be generalized, or they may occur as part of an acute attack.

How Does Dr. Nahas Diagnose Asthma?

Dr. Nahas begins assessing a child for asthma after the parent or the child reports typical asthma symptoms. Because these symptoms may be related to other illnesses or conditions, the doctor will work to rule out other issues before making a diagnosis of asthma. In children younger than five, additional tests may not be accurate. However, Dr. Nahas may recommend lung function tests for older children. Covington Pediatrics has a Spirometry machine in the office in order to measure how much air a child breathes, how much you exhale and how quickly you exhale. The office also has a Niox (FENO) machine, in order to measure airway inflammation.

What Treatments Are Available to Patients with Asthma?

Once Dr. Nahas has confirmed the diagnosis of asthma, she will develop a treatment program for the child. This treatment plan may include maintenance medication, rescue medication, and medication to control asthma. The doctor will also explain how to recognize and address worsening asthma or an asthma attack when it occurs.

How Often Should Children with Asthma See Dr. Nahas?

In order to ensure that the child's asthma is well controlled, regular visits with Dr. Nahas are recommended. When a child has well-controlled asthma, the child will exhibit little to no symptoms and will experience few flare-ups. The child will use rescue medications rarely and will be able to participate in physical activity without restrictions.

When Dr. Nahas diagnoses a patient with asthma, she will inform the parents of the recommended check-up schedule. At check-up appointments, Dr. Nahas will evaluate the child's asthma symptoms, ask questions about side effects, and determine whether adjustments to medication are necessary. If a child experiences an unexpected flare in symptoms, parents should make an appointment with Dr. Nahas to address the issue.


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