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Covington Pediatrics provides immunizations to children throughout Covington, Georgia. Dr. Nahas recommends immunization in accordance with the schedule established by the Centers for Disease Control.

Immunizations Q&A

What Is the Purpose of Immunizations?

Immunizations exist to protect children from developing certain serious illnesses, such as hepatitis A, polio, meningitis, and tetanus. Without these immunizations, children are vulnerable to illnesses that may be severely disabling or even fatal. Unvaccinated individuals may also contract dangerous diseases and pass them on to babies who are not yet old enough to be immunized.

How Do Immunizations Work?

Immunizations help children to develop immunity to certain diseases by mimicking an infection within the body. Immunizations typically contain an attenuated or inactivated form of the virus or bacteria that causes the illness in question. The contents of the immunization aren't enough to make the child sick, but they will help the body learn to recognize and fight that specific pathogen. If the child is ever exposed to the pathogen in the future, his or her body will be able to fight it off effectively.

What Immunizations Are Necessary?

The CDC recommends immunizations for hepatitis B, rotavirus, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Haemophilus influenza type b, pneumonia, poliovirus, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis A, and meningitis. Parents can elect not to vaccinate children against some or all of these illnesses. However, the CDC encourages vaccination to protect against serious disease.

When Does Dr. Nahas Administer Immunizations?

Dr. Nahas administers immunizations in accordance with the ACIP, AAP, and CDC's recommendations. These vaccinations are spread over time to limit side effects and maximize safety. Some vaccines require more than one dose administered at specific intervals in order to be effective. A baby receives its first vaccine at birth. Vaccinations continue throughout childhood.

What if a Child Has Missed a Vaccine?

If a child begins receiving vaccines later than recommended, or if the child falls more than one month behind in his or her vaccinations, Dr. Nahas will administer vaccinations according to a "catch-up" schedule. This schedule allows the child to get back on track with vaccinations without endangering his or her health.


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