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When a child in Covington, Georgia, is sick. Dr. Nahas of Covington Pediatrics can diagnose the illness and provide necessary treatment. Covington Pediatrics offers prompt appointments for children with symptoms of illness.

Sick Visits Q&A

What Is a Sick Visit?

A sick visit is an appointment with Dr. Nahas or her Nurse Practitioners that the parent schedules because of an acute problem affecting the child. Examples of symptoms that may lead to a sick visit include flu, fever, strep throat, bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infection, eczema, abdominal pain, orthopedic injuries, among others.

When Is a Sick Visit Inappropriate?

In some cases, a sick visit isn't the best choice for the child. If the child is exhibiting severe symptoms, such as respiratory distress, shock, seizures, or traumatic injury, parents should take the child to the nearest emergency department instead.

How Soon Will Covington Pediatrics Schedule a Sick Visit?

If a parent calls Covington Pediatrics because of a sick child, Dr. Nahas will do her best to fit the child in for an appointment on the same day. However, if a same-day appointment is not possible, Dr. Nahas will see the child as soon as she can.

What Happens During a Sick Visit?

When a child visits Dr. Nahas for suspected illness or injury, she will begin by examining the child. She will focus her attention on the area related to the child's symptoms. Depending on the symptoms and the results of the exam, Dr. Nahas may order tests to learn more about the issue or to confirm a suspicion.

Once Dr. Nahas has diagnosed the child's illness or injury, she will recommend various treatments, such as medication. In cases where the symptoms indicate a more serious problem, Dr. Nahas may send the child to the hospital. However, these referrals are rare.

Can Dr. Nahas Excuse a Child from School?

If Dr. Nahas believes a child is too sick to return to school, she will provide this information in writing. Parents can give this document to the child's school as evidence that he or she is too sick to attend.


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